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What is a Male Brazilian? A standard Male Brazilian includes the frontal pubic area (the mound), about 2 inches where the upper thigh meets the pubic area; the shaft, scrotum and anal area. It is optional to leave a landing strip (patch of hair) above the shaft.

Will it hurt? The short answer is "yes". The long answer is that it has its painful moments but not nearly as painful as you imagine. It's a quick pain and generally does not linger. The first wax is the most uncomfortable because you are a "virgin" and your hair and skin are not used to the procedure. I always tell my clients to at least try it twice and then make a decision if they want to continue on a regular basis----the second time is so much better!

What do I wear to my treatment? Not too-tight things. You don't want to irritate your skin more than you have to. Wear something loose and cottony. The key is comfort. 

Will it stay red for long? 
No. Redness resulting from waxing goes within a couple of hours. If it doesn't, see your physician. 

How often do I have to wax? 
Every 4-6 weeks. Your therapist needs at least 5mm of hair for the wax to adhere to. Some men go every 3 weeks for a back wax. Others every 2 months. The more regular the better. Young hairs come out easier. 

Does the hair ever stop growing? 
Yeah! After about 4 - 6 years of constant waxing. (Wouldn't you give up too after that?)

Seriously... As per the 'old people' who used Pumice stones to rub off the hair on their legs before razors became so cheap and safe, hair eventually stops growing. 

Can't I have laser treatment? Of course you can... REALLY expensive and you have to go more than a couple of times, paying every time... AND it also hurts... AND it does not work on blond or grey hair.... Ditto for guys with dark hair and dark skins (or so we are told and we always believe our clients!).Laser treatment IS very effective, and it IS permanent... VERY good on facial hair! Ask your therapist to recommend someone...Therapists know everything! 

Is the sex better after waxing? 
Yes, Its all skin bud! .... Go figure! 

Do I have to take my clothes off? It's advisable, unless you want wax all over your clothes. But you don't HAVE to if you are only doing your eyebrows... You can keep your T on if you only do your shaft and crack... really! If you don't care, drop it all... 

What if I get a erection? Therapists are professionals. They are not there to play with it but to remove the hair from it. It's actually better if you get one because the skin is tighter and it hurts less... plus the endorphins.
During the waxing procedure, therapists constantly pull the skin tight over the areas they are working in. This ensures the follicles are close to the skin making the procedure easier on you and for them. 

NEVER get waxed after you've been in the sun too long! Your therapist will throw you out! 

Contagiousness? NEVER perpetuate your problems on others. If you suspect you contracted something before your appointment, do the right thing and cancel! 

Skin conditions? 
A therapist will never wax over moles, varicose veins or any funny-looking 'things' on your skin.